23 September 2007

In a nutshell

Time short for writing
Must make for efficient words
Haul body to bed

Rooster crows at 6
Dogs bark mere minutes later
Who needs an alarm?

Yesterday's pants can get dirtier
A.M. incense burns
Sip coffee

Clogs on, where's my hat?
Does my shirt cover my back?
Morning air smells sweet

Downward dog to pick
Harvest lettuce, carrots, herbs
Cars honk to my rear

Back numb all too quick
Fingers dewy and dirty
I daydream of lunch

Made in mere minutes
Lunch is fresher, healthier
The real food network

Bison tomatoes
Kabocha and bitter greens
Egg yolks glow orange

CIA crew comes
Food energy and more hands
Externships are key

Carl brings softened shirts
Culled from basements and tag sales
All-Clad pans a find

Byron tills the soil
Baritone Jamaican accent
Breaks the silence

Walter has no teeth
Tomato lunch fuels his work
Calls me Adriaaan

Find shaded work spot
Weed the rows, hang the shiso to dry
Day is done

Collect the day's eggs
Leave shoes by the door
I dream of Happy Hour

Take a stretch, deep breath
Shake off the day long circus
Swing slow in hammock


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