30 October 2005

Like sand in an hourglass...

I'm in the Last Three Weeks Countdown here. Can you believe it? It feels like three days, even, as though I need to start thinking about packing.

It will fly by, of course; it has been already. There's been little time to write in these full late-autumn days... The interns threw a cook-out 2 weeks ago which was a raging success and drew a large crowd from the "Spannocchia family," I spent a weekday shopping in Siena's open air market, I day-tripped to a non-existent olive festival in Tuscany with a guest here and one other intern, I joined a group to watch the Siena-Firenze soccer game one evening at the local Circolo (apparently rowdiness is saved for the stadium), I was one of 7 who travelled to gorgeous Gubbio for Altrocioccolato (a fair-trade festival featuring the obvious, as well as other foods, crafts, and events), art classes continue, and I spent this weekend with a new hot little number: a speedy, shiny, red rented bike. Everythingiswhizzingbynow. Pack! It! In!

Carrie, our program director, suggested that we might want to make a list for ourselves, to record all the things that we want to see or do before leaving. I can't really fathom such a list. I've done so much here already. I've seen a wild cinghiale, a huge porcupine lumbering across the road in the dark, taken many of the farm's walks, seen the view from the tower more than once, asked the cooks for recipes, met the old men of legend that still work here, biked Tuscan roads, driven the same, bargained in markets, bought leather boots, eaten something new... Everything is gravy, for the most part, until I hit my travel month from late Nov- late Dec. Then, the push to see and do: the South of Italy, perhaps Croatia, definitely Venice, Bologna, the Lake Region in the North.

It'll be so good to get home in Dec and relax...


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