09 October 2005

Assorted Details

Since I'm not able to write each day, I forget that I need to provide updates on this and that. Please remind me.

Coco Bello, the formerly sick little lamb, is now very much better and kicking around with the other 5 lambs. They rule the school, to be sure, just ask them. They all like to nibble on my clothing when I'm in their pen in the mornings, and Fregona, the little horned one, likes to ram my leg with her head. Always a pleasure.

The damn ram is still on the lam. No definite word on what we'll do with the frisky harem at the end of the intended 30 day separation period.

What else?

Made some great, crusty loaves of bread in the still really really hot pizza oven the other Wednesday night. Stayed up a little late to pull off the feat, but it was overall a small price to pay, especially after being met in the kitchen by two other interns who were still up and more than happy to dance around the warm loaves. Their excitement over the new bread was soooo wonderful. I was also overwhelmed with happiness at the chance to cook something again - it's been a long while (all these 4-course meals being served to me...). The bread baking will continue, and I'll likely begin to skip a dinner or two, just so I can cook for myself now and again.


Anonymous Sam said...

Keep up the good blogging. I'm keeping the Scrabble board warm...
Love, Sammy...

8:07 PM  

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