05 September 2005

You're OLD!

There are seven female interns and three male. The elders of each gender have their own rooms - no roommate! Guess who's the elder female? I was a little bummed about this at first, but there is ample social time, and I now have the most room for dirty clothes and poopy shoes. Not bad.

Being "old" isn't all privilege and glory, though. At dinner this past Thursday night, I was almost scolded for not being married and having kids already. The 16 yr old guest behind the scolding was mouth-open shocked at my age. "You're eleven years older than me! That's SOOO WEIRD! Ew!" She proceeded to address the elder male, sitting near me, in a similar fashion. Are kids really that out of touch?? She wasn't in the mood for a conversation about the topic, though, so I just excused myself in order to get to bed early, being elderly and all. She offered to help me out of my chair.

The interns' age spread is 18 - 27, and the oldest interns the program has accepted over the years were in their mid-late 30s; it's all about the group dynamics and the fact that we more or less live in small dorm. My status of elder was already apparent to me, when I found myself, on average, going to bed earlier than most, and drinking less, among other things. My fellow interns - the babes - rock, though. We are cohesive and chummy as a group, laugh all the time, and enjoy one another's company.


Anonymous Bro said...

Hehehe, you're not old...


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