05 September 2005

Good Eats, Part I

Do you think it's weird I haven't talked about food at all? Well, it's good. Tuscan food, at its best. Nothing transcendental (yet), but nothing bad has crossed these lips. Coffee is spectacular, veggies as fresh as you can get them, meat harvested from the farm...the other night we had 2 courses in a single meal that both featured wild boar (cinghiale). It was some of the most delicious meat I have ever had, masterfully prepared by the farm's two cooks, Graziella and Gaetana. These white-uniformed, smiling-faced round women churn out four-course meals daily. Our first courses, in typical fashion, tend to be pastas or soups, the second feature meat and a veggie, the third is always a simple salad, and the fourth a delicious homemade dessert (pineapple cake, almond past truffles, etc). The farm's red and white wines are passed at the table, as are the farm's own olive oil and vinegar. Our saltless Tuscan bread is bought in town.

I'm slowly learning vocab in order to interact with the cooks - to thank them for all the good eats! They don't speak English (Brad, you talked with a cook the other night, when your call was automatically routed to the Villa during our dinner - sorry! I wonder who was more confused by the conversation!).

Things I'm not finding at the tiny store in Rosia when we buy our own grocery stash: peanut butter, a nice french baguette (saaaaalty bread), cheddar cheese, good whole-grain mustard....well, the list could go on. It's a small shop. My diet is Tuscan for the foreseeable future, which makes having cravings like I did last week (Indian food) all the more difficult to bear. Did I just say "Tuscan food" and "difficult to bear" in the same sentence???? Shame, shame!


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