05 September 2005

Back on wheels

I spent much of this summer lamenting the little cycling time I was getting. I'm getting my dose now. At least daily (weekends excluded), I ride from the upper farm out to the far pasture at Casseta where the sheep are currently shacking up. It's not really that long a haul, but it is a challenge. 3 short but very steep hills pepper the ride out, and the closer I get to Casseta, the thicker the flies (mosche) are. They bite, most of them. So, it's swat, swat, pedal, pedal, curse when the old farm bicicletta changes gears at whim, breathe in through the nose.... and take advantage of the downhills. The ride back, thankfully, is quicker and easier. The ups are now downs, and no walking is ever needed. Makes lunch and the end of the work day all the better.

Despite the sun and biting flies, I like standing (and walking and running) in the pasture fields. There is a tremendous view of Siena from Casseta, something the other interns don't get to enjoy at their posts. Other perks: blackberry bushes. Bleating sheep. A near-constant light breeze. Views of surrounding hilltop homes. It's totally Tuscan, minus the power lines.


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